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News From The Pit

This page is your entry to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center's monthly newsletter on all things envenomations!  

News From The Pit aims to stimulate conversation, spread awareness, and discuss challenges with everything from avoiding snake encounters to clinically managing a life-threatening envenomation. 

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Monthly Newsletters

January - Bleeding Out (hemotoxicity from rattlesnake venom)

February - The Things We Do For Blood (management of bleeding in rattlesnake envenomations)

March - Keeping Thin (antiplatelets and anticogulants in rattlesnake envenomation)

April - Platelets and Pain (NSAIDs in rattlesnake envenomation)

May - Bothrops lanceolatus (the snake that literally gives you a heart attack)

June - It's in the Blood: DIC and VICC

July - Thick and Thin (treatment of thrombosis in snake envenomation)

August - Platelets and Fibrinogen 

September - Antivenom Index

November - Welcome to the Pit

December - Fashionably Late (the AzPDIC experience with late coagulopathies in rattlesnake envenomations)

Published Research

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  Under construction!

Originally posted: Oct 3, 2014
Last updated: Jul 8, 2022