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Education & Outreach


We educate others about preventing poisonings.

We are a site for training healthcare professionals, including pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, medical students, medical residents, nurses, military personnel and others. 

We also have a robust public outreach program that provides the following public poison prevention services in 14 of Arizona's 15 counties:

  • Presentations at a variety of locations including community organizations, businesses, senior citizens groups and professional conferences
  • Exhibits at health fairs and other events
  • Educational material distribution (brochures, magnets, telephone stickers)
  • Educational programs in poison prevention (medication safety, bites and stings, and more!)
  • Poison Prevention Training Program

To learn more about our educational services, e-mail our Community Outreach Coordinators. 


Educational Materials

 The center provides educational brochures, telephone labels and magnets to the public and professionals for the entire state of Arizona except for Maricopa County. Please contact the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center for more information about Maricopa County services. 

 You may order educational materials by filling out the Educational Materials Request Form.

 You may order up to 50 of each item listed at no charge. If you want larger quantities, please e-mail our Community Outreach Coordinators.  

 You may also download and print many materials by clicking on the blue links below.


2-sided, 3-panels

1-sided, flat


Kids Worksheets

Teaching Aids

Video Kit Educational Programs

Originally posted: Sep 15, 2014
Last updated: Apr 12, 2023