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“I recently found out that I am pregnant with my first child and am tickled pink about it! But excitement quickly became concern this morning, as my husband awoke to the acrid smell of fumes created by our humidifier burning out. After airing out our apartment, I began trolling the internet to see if there was any kind of hotline I could call to see if my sweet little bean had suffered from any exposure.

I was lucky enough to find the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline (now called MotherToBaby Arizona). It was before working hours, so I left a detailed message outlining the event on the answering machine. A few scant minutes after the service opened, a counselor was on the phone with me. She asked some pointed questions, gathered background information, and proceeded to clearly and concisely explain what the event really meant to me and my wee babe. The counselor was professional, compassionate, intelligent, and informative.”

pregnant woman using laptopThis recent note from an Arizona mom-to-be gives a clear picture of what our service at MotherToBaby Arizona is all about. We’re here to provide trustworthy information and risk assessment to pregnant and breastfeeding women, their families and their healthcare providers. Answers to your questions about exposures to drugs, diseases, infection and occupational or environmental dangers during pregnancy or breastfeeding are just a phone call or email away.

We are trained to explain complex scientific literature and help you assess the risk to you and/or your baby from such exposures. We provide you with evidence-based information specific to your circumstances.

“Nearly all women are exposed to a drug or other environmental factor during pregnancy,” says Dee Quinn, director and board-certified genetic counselor who has more than 30 years’ experience in this field. “The counselors at MotherToBaby Arizona can help callers make an informed analysis of the risks associated with an exposure and the benefits of possible treatments. All information is private and confidential and provided at no cost to the patient or healthcare provider.”

The Arizona Pregnancy Riskline was established in 1989 and changed its name to MotherToBaby Arizona in 2015. It has been a part of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center for many years. Find out more about its services on the pages here on the poison center website. Call or email anytime you want information, education or counseling about the possible effects of exposures during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Staff is available to receive and return calls Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 MST.



Originally posted: Dec 19, 2014
Last updated: Oct 12, 2015