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AZ COVID-19 Hotline



Who are we?

The AZ COVID-19 Hotline is a 24/7, free, confidential resource run by Arizona's Poison and Drug Information Centers. The two poison centers started operating the AZ COVID-19 Hotline in addition to handling regular poison exposure calls. To date, over 13,000 Arizonans have called the coronavirus hotline to hear messaging about COVID-19 or speak with trained hotline staff.


Who answers the phone?

The hotline is staffed by pharmacists and nurses who are specially trained and certified in poison information. Physicians are also on staff to answer your calls and concerns.


General Public Services:

  • Information about COVID-19, including symptoms, statistics, and prevention
  • What do in case of an exposure
  • Testing information and availability
  • Interpretation of test results
  • Information on returning from isolation
  • Information on travel, events, and group gatherings


Healthcare Provider Services:

  • Information on testing guidelines
  • Answer medical questions related to COVID-19
  • Triage COVID-19 patients
  • Direct patients to testing locations
  • Connect providers with local health departments for complicated questions
  • Information on return to work guidelines

Originally posted: Mar 2, 2017
Last updated: Aug 25, 2020