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Podcast: Poison Control Over the years

A parent’s worst nightmare: Mom’s young son covered in a diaper ointment that has poison warnings when ingested. A call to their local Poison Center immediately calmed their nerves. 

When reporter Brenna Farrell was a new mom, her son gave her and her husband a scare -- prompting them to call Poison Control. For Brenna, the experience was so odd, and oddly comforting, that she decided to dive into the birth story of this invisible network of poison experts, and try to understand the evolving relationship we humans have with our poisonous planet. As we learn about how poison control has changed over the years, we end up wondering what a place devoted to data and human connection can tell us about ourselves in this cultural moment of anxiety and information-overload.

If you have ever wondered when, where, why and how poison centers came to be, or what a call to Poison Control sounds like, take a listen to this podcast above from Radiolab. 

Link: http://www.wnycstudios.org/story/poison-control/

Originally posted: Jun 28, 2016
Last updated: Jun 4, 2018